Kiani Gardner ~ U.S. House, District 1

Kiani is a native Hawaiian, scientist, and mother to two young sons. Born in Hawaii to parents who ran small businesses, Kiani witnessed firsthand the work ethic and determination that goes into building family-run establishments. Kinai herself earned her PhD in Cell Biology from Duke University and worked as a research scientist before becoming a full-time biology professor. According to her website, “She chose to teach in the community colleges because she saw it as the most effective way to use her academic training to improve the lives of the members of her communities and expand the middle-class, thus improving the quality of life in her community as a whole.”
In 2015, Kiani and her husband also became licensed foster parents, an experience that has spurred Kiani’s passion for championing policies that will benefit and protect all Alabamian children.

On healthcare . . .

“I am committed to finding ways to leverage existing facilities to increase care for all Alabamians, from expanding Medicaid and supporting rural hospitals to keep them open, to expanding the staff and services offered at existing Department of Health offices. I will not allow my constituents to continue to die due to lack of access and exorbitant cost of healthcare.”

On the environment . . .

“…Climate Change is real. And, it’s affecting our coastal areas in a particularly devastating way. We are losing homes, wetlands, and businesses. We must also recognize that a major strength of our economy is our beautiful environment. Protecting our waterways and removing coal ash preserves our fishing and tourism economy. Protecting our unique flora and fauna maintains the quality of life that makes AL-01 an idyllic oasis. Alabama is a magical place to call home—I dare defend it!”

Plans for Economy

“…my district is very aware of infrastructure costs and benefits as it relates to roads, bridges, and tolls…we must also pay attention to the other important facets of infrastructure: power lines, sewer systems, water supply, and, importantly for equitable opportunity across the district, broadband access. The population growth of our district is outpacing our infrastructure updates. We must invest in the backbones of our community now in order to allow our economic expansion to continue in a meaningful way.”

Education Policy

“…We need to invest in our young talent and create opportunities for them to build their adult lives here, at home. This begins with increasing the availability of higher education pathways, including career-technical programs, while limiting the out-of-pocket expense to students…we must also build training and apprenticeship programs that ensure fulfilling an profitable jobs…it’s not enough to have great Alabama schools anymore—we need great Alabama schools that secure great Alabama jobs for their graduates.”

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