Ann Kirkpatrick ~ U.S. House, District 2

Ann has dedicated her career to serving Arizona families. She has worked as an attorney in private practice and for the Pima County Attorney's office. Ann went on to serve in Arizona’s House of Representatives, where she worked with Governor Janet Napolitano to improve K-12 schools. In Congress, Ann has been a leading voice for veterans and Native American tribes. When she called for a nationwide VA audit, it was enacted by the Obama administration in just 24 hours.

On healthcare . . .

In Congress, Ann voted in favor or the Affordable Care Act. She takes pride in the fact that the ACA has led to a drop in Arizona’s rate on uninsured people and ended people being denied rightfully-owed coverage for cancer or other life-threatening diseases. Ann supports furthering this progress by instituting “Medicare for All.”

On the environment . . .

Ann is committed to protecting Arizona’s natural resources, which also act as economic engines that bring jobs to her state. Ann plans to finalize the Four Forest Restoration Initiative, which will protect Arizona’s treasured forest. She also supports developing alternative energy sources to free American from its dependence on foreign oil.

Plans for Economy

Ann believes our financial system is rigged against working families. She wants to put more financial cops on Wall Street, and to close the revolving door between Wall Street and its regulators. She is also committed to guaranteeing paid family leave for births, deaths, and illnesses. Ann is also fighting to invest in Arizona’s widespread infrastructure needs. She believes thousands of jobs can be created by getting people to work in infrastructure projects, such as transportation in rural and tribal communities

Education Policy

Ann believes classrooms and training programs need to be properly funded. She is also committed to reining in the cost of tuition and relieving student debt. She supports restoring funding for Arizona’s public universities, free community college, and strengthening the pell-grant program.

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