Joan Greene ~ U.S. House, District 5

Joan owned and operated a promotional marketing company for over thirty years. Her clients included nonprofits and billion dollar corporations. From this experience, she has learned to work with all kinds of people, and find pragmatic solutions to problems. She is personally passionate about animal rescue. She is a proud advocate and has worked with rescue organizations all over the country, including serving as a District Leader for the Humane Society of the United Stats.

On healthcare . . .

Joan believes we need to lower costs for health care coverage and prescription drugs. She supports laws that protect patients’ rights, and wants to explore options such as a Medicare buy-in. She also believes Congress should allow individuals under the age of 65 to purchase Medicare, as this public option would compete in the marketplace and drive costs down.

On the environment . . .

Joans wants to invest in green, clean energy, and make use of alternative energy sources such as solar power.

Plans for Economy

Joan believes we need to expand access to capital and provide tax relief for small businesses. She supports investing in infrastructure that will create jobs, such as improving roads, bridges, public transit, and water way systems.

Education Policy

Funding education is one of Joan’s top priorities: “Education is the only way that I can see to get us out of poverty.” She believes in the importance of the Department of Education in making sure low-income families and disabled children have equal opportunities. To read more about her position on education, read:

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