Joyce Elliott ~ U.S. House, District 2

On healthcare . . .

Joyce supports: strengthening and securing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), expanding ACA enrollment options during periods of mass-unemployment, standing up to prescription drug price-gouging through increased oversight for pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), making Washington work for small states in securing COVID-19 relief, resources, and funding, helping Medicaid expansion do more for rural hospitals and the uninsured, and finally, protecting Social Security and Medicare.

On the environment . . .

In Congress, Joyce will: push for green tech and green jobs funding for Arkansas, stop turning a blind eye to bad-faith polluters, maintain public parks, and work with energy innovators to bring the future of sustainable resources to Arkansas.

Transcript excerpt from Joyce’s candidate introduction video: “I’ve always wanted to do two things in my life: I wanted to be a schoolteacher because I thought it was the most important thing that I could do…I was born in Willisville, Arkansas. It was a place where you could see clearly the divisions of who was more equal than others. We intentionally keep ourselves apart, and I think it should be the opposite, we should intentionally bring ourselves together…”
Joyce experienced school integration firsthand and learned how to succeed in the face of adversity, becoming just the second African American to graduate from her tiny high school in rural Arkansas. She went on to earn her undergraduate degree in English and Speech from Southern Arkansas University, and later obtained a graduate degree in English from Ouachita Baptist University. She has over 30 years of experience as a high school educator, and nearly 20 years of legislative experience at the state level having served in both the Arkansas House and, currently, the Arkansas Senate.

Plans for Economy

Regarding the economy, Joyce will: expand medical leave, hazard pay, and unemployment insurance while America recovers from COVID-19, fight for paycheck protection for employees and bridge loans to employers affected by COVID-19, increase Congressional oversight on future relief policies, enact targeted tax relief for working and middle-class families, design federal incentives that bring investment and jobs to Arkansas, and support artistic initiatives.
Regarding infrastructure, Joyce will: ensure Arkansas’ infrastructure passes safety standards with federal funding, conduct asset audits in rural areas, invest in rural broadband, and empower and incentivize utilities to build out broadband.

Education Policy

In Congress, Joyce will work to: keep equity at the forefront of the discussion when crafting education policy, serve on the Education Committee (like she does now in the Arkansas State Senate) and provide more federal support for struggling schools in District 2, push to make pre-K available nationwide, modeled after Arkansas’ Better Chance for School Success program, expand funding for federal Pell Grants, and build out broadband as part of Arkansas’ public education infrastructure.

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