Anna Eshoo ~ U.S. House, District 18

"For over two decades Congresswoman Anna Eshoo has been a consumer advocate, champion of technological innovation, land preservationist and health care pioneer on behalf of her constituents."

On healthcare . . .

"Since her days serving in San Mateo County government and throughout her tenure in Congress, Anna has been a health policy leader with a clear, overarching goal: to achieve universal health care in our country. Anna will continue to fight to protect and strengthen the Affordable Care Act and to achieve universal healthcare coverage for all."

On the environment . . .

"Anna believes that the science on climate change is indisputable and that we must act now to protect future generations from the devastating impacts of climate change. [She] supports: reduction of fossil fuels usage; higher vehicular fuel efficiency requirements; more energy efficient buildings; investment in clean public transportation; and
expansion of clean energy."

Plans for Economy

"Economic growth and job creation are top priorities for Representative Eshoo. She works tirelessly with Members of Congress, constituents, and businesses in the 18th Congressional District to enact effective legislation to meet these goals."

Education Policy

"Representative Eshoo believes the United States should lead the world in education. Children need the best schools, the best teachers, and the best resources in order to become good citizens and contributors to society and strengthen our nation in the 21st century."

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