Brynne Kennedy ~ U.S. House, District 4

"After graduating college, Kennedy worked on financing infrastructure and housing projects in high growth communities across the world. In her job, she faced unequal pay and survived a violent sexual assault". She then founded a global software company and emerged as a leading voice on the effects of technology on the workplace. She's an author and former columnist. "Kennedy is running for Congress because she knows that politicians have failed to stand up for middle class families struggling to make it in today’s economy. She knows progress demands a willingness to work with people from different points of view to solve problems. She’ll bring the real world leadership experience we need to cut through partisan gridlock and help more people in California’s 4th District realize the American Dream."

On healthcare . . .

"As a business owner Brynne knows how skyrocketing healthcare costs are a drag on job and wage growth. She’s also seen how they impact families, first hand." Both of her parents were diagnosed with cancer. She felt the stress associated with high costs and barriers to care. "That’s why she’ll work to make the ACA better – and focus on cutting costs, promoting choice and expanding coverage."

On the environment . . .

On her campaign website, Brynne writes, "Climate Change is a global challenge. That also means there is a global market for new technologies in forest management, bio-fuels, carbon capture, renewable energy, water storage, farming efficiency and more resilient infrastructure. What’s more troubling than our current representative’s denial of the threat to taxpayers, is his willingness to cede the economic opportunity to other nations, and buy it back later at a higher price."

Plans for Economy

"Brynne believes the best investment we can make in our economy is in our infrastructure, to include transportation and electrical grid modernization, an expansion of rural broadband that ensures full connectivity in all corners of our district, and increased support for federal forest management. These issues already have bi-partisan support."

Education Policy

At the time of writing this profile, Brynne hadn't published her policy positions regarding education. Once these become available, our staff will update this profile.

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