Christy Smith ~ U.S. House, District 25

Christy Smith is a 39-year resident of Santa Clarita. In the state legislature, she works hard every day to advance common sense solutions to address the challenges facing the people and communities she represents.

In 2018, Smith's campaign raised over $2 million and ultimately triumphed in a hard-fought election, securing a decisive win in the race to represent the 38th Assembly District, a district that represents 58% of California's 25th Congressional District. Smith won by over 5,000 votes and flipped a seat blue that had been Republican-held since 1978.
Smith also serves on the State Assembly's Education Committee; the Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy Committee; the Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee; as well as the Accountability and Administrative Review Committee.

On healthcare . . .

Christy also believes that Congress needs to do the work of controlling the skyrocketing cost of health care, including the rising costs of prescription drugs. It’s unacceptable that US taxpayers subsidize the research and development of lifesaving drugs, only to pay more for them than people who live in Europe, Japan, and Canada. She'll also fight to protect Medicaid and Medicare, women's reproductive health care rights, and funding for Planned Parenthood.

On the environment . . .

She writes that we must "invest in building a fully renewable and clean energy infrastructure using wind and solar to create good mortgage-paying jobs and combat the climate crisis so we can ensure our community is a place where families can live and thrive for generations to come, before it’s too late."

Plans for Economy

Christy also believes we must make smart investments in transportation infrastructure, education, scientific research, and renewable and clean energy industries to create sustainable jobs in our community that will also pay the mortgage.

Education Policy

She believes that a great education levels the playing field and creates more opportunity for all of our young people. That's why she has dedicated her career, particularly as a federal education policy expert and a member of her local school board, to improving schools and giving every student a fair chance through a world class education. In Congress, she will work to invest in local public classrooms so that we can hire more teachers and reduce class sizes, and pay teachers liveable middle class wages.

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