Doris Matsui ~ U.S. House, District 6

Congresswoman Matsui grew-up on a farm in California’s Central Valley, then attended UC Berkeley. Before running for Congress, she served as Board Chairwoman for the local public TV station and helped to lead various arts organizations. Throughout her career, she "has worked tirelessly to improve access to high-quality, affordable, accessible health care and was instrumental in crafting the Affordable Care Act (ACA)".

"Congresswoman Matsui has been a leader in Congress on promoting policies that address the climate crisis. Under her leadership as a co-chair of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition (SEEC), the Caucus has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable infrastructure, tax incentives for clean energy, and blocking harmful directives from the Trump Administration that would undermine protections for human health and the environment."

On healthcare . . .

"Congresswoman Matsui has been a leader in Congress on a broad range of healthcare issues, from passing the Affordable Care Act, to reforming mental health care, to ensuring that medical research and the delivery system provide Americans with 21st Century cures and care.
She is a member of the House Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee, which oversees agencies and writes laws pertaining to public health, health insurance, the regulation of food, drugs and cosmetics, medical research, health information technology, and more."

On the environment . . .

Congresswoman Matsui is "a strong proponent for sensible conservation efforts that would protect our diverse environmental legacy. From our vast oceans to our precious national parks, all aspects of our environment must be considered. [She] believes we must not only protect these lands for native wildlife, but also because they provide vital outdoor opportunities for Americans. Congresswoman Matsui will continue working to uphold environmental regulations, protect wildlife sanctuaries, and to improve the quality of our air and water for future generations."

Plans for Economy

"The Congresswoman has championed targeted investments in . . . the economy [that] create high-paying jobs: clean energy, education, health care and infrastructure."

Policies enacted under the Obama Administration and supported by Congressional Democrats led to the creation of millions of new jobs and unprecedented month-after-month economic growth. Today, she supports "A Better Deal" which "calls for investments in our nation’s infrastructure, in apprenticeship programs that open up access to good paying jobs, and in advanced research to unleash innovation."

Education Policy

"Universal access to quality education is one of Congresswoman Matsui’s top priorities in Congress. She believes we need to improve our education system from Pre-K through college, both in Sacramento and nationwide. [She] supported a bipartisan, far-reaching education law that replaced the No Child Left Behind Act called the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). ESSA aims to prepare our children for the challenges of the future by investing in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, increasing access to high quality preschool, and raising academic standards."

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