Georgette Gomez ~ U.S. House, District 53

Gomez received a bachelor's degree in environmental and natural resource geography from San Diego State University. She worked as a community organizer and victims' advocate. She was also a chairwoman of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System. Gomez served as a delegate to the California Democratic Party Convention.

On healthcare . . .

"Georgette Gómez supports universal healthcare. In Congress, she will fight for a Medicare for All program so that everyone has access to the health care they need. When Georgette was growing up, there were times when her family couldn’t afford health insurance, and her parents had to choose whether to go to the doctor. Georgette believes that no one should ever be denied health care because they are unable to afford it. In Congress she will take on the prescription drug companies that continue to gouge working families, and fight for funding to provide access to care in underserved communities."

On the environment . . .

"Georgette Gómez knows we are facing a climate emergency. That’s why she supports a Green New Deal, to tackle the climate crisis and create millions of clean energy jobs. As a community organizer working on environmental justice issues, Georgette learned that change comes from engaging the community. We have a climate crisis and we must act now. Georgette is pushing for full implementation of San Diego’s landmark Climate Action Plan, which puts the city on the path to 100% clean energy. In Congress, Georgette will continue to be a champion for building a sustainable, equitable future."

Plans for Economy

"Georgette Gómez knows that the Trump economy is working for billionaires, while working families are struggling to make ends meet. The wealthiest corporations in history are paying nothing in taxes while most Americans are working longer and harder for less. In Congress Georgette will fight for a living wage, push to strengthen unions, and ensure that we are providing workers with important quality of life benefits such as paid vacation, sick leave, and family leave."

Education Policy

Georgette has publicly reported her education policy position.

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