Jackie Speier ~ U.S. House, District 14

Jackie Speier was born in San Francisco’s Sunset District, and is a life-long resident of the Bay Area. After attending UC Davis for her undergraduate studies, then earning a law degree from UC Hastings. Then, in 1979, she ran for office. She won was a member of California's state congress for 18 years. In 2006, she was elected as a California U.S. Representative. "Jackie is a leading Democratic voice in protecting women’s healthcare"; she's fought "to keep City College open and accredited; helped over 8,000 job seekers since 2010 through Job Hunters Boot Camps; and recovered over $4 million for veterans denied benefits. "

On healthcare . . .

"More than 16 million Americans have been able to access health coverage for the first time, and another 5.7 million young adults have had access to their parent’s coverage until the age of 26. There are certainly ways we can continue to tweak and improve the law, but we cannot repeal this law and take away coverage and discrimination protection from these Americans. I will continue to look at ways to improve the law, including possibilities like the creation of a public option so that all Americans have access to medical care."

On the environment . . .

"Walking our shoreline, I know that sea level rise and climate change aren’t speculative. The rising seas threaten 110,000 people, $24 billion in property, and a major international airport on the Peninsula alone. These are the new challenges we face, and as a nation we must work together to mitigate the human contributions to climate change and invest in preservation to protect the wilderness and wild species we still have left. With a concerted local, national, and international effort, I am confident we can work to stop the march of climate change and preserve our planet for generations to come."

Plans for Economy

"No American should work full time and struggle to make ends meet. I have fought for federal housing vouchers and housing tax credits to build affordable apartments in our community. I have brought together renters, landlords, and other local leaders to discuss more local solutions to this problem. I have argued for increases to the federal minimum wage, so the rest of the country can follow California’s lead in implementing a living wage."

Education Policy

On her campaign website, Jackie writes, "As the parent of a daughter who recently graduated from college, the quickly rising cost of college education hits particularly close to home. I have met far too many students who have deferred dreams, classes, and careers because of crippling student debt. In fact, student loan debt in the United States is larger than credit card debt and car debt combined. This is absolutely unacceptable. Higher education should be an achievable rung on the ladder of opportunity, the first step toward the American Dream - not the beginning of a nightmare."

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