Maxine Waters ~ U.S. House, District 43

"Congresswoman Maxine Waters is considered by many to be one of the most powerful women in American politics today. She has gained a reputation as a fearless and outspoken advocate for women, children, people of color and the poor. Elected in November 2018 to her fifteenth term in the U.S. House of Representatives with more than 70 percent of the vote in the 43rd Congressional District of California, Congresswoman Waters represents a large part of South Los Angeles."

On healthcare . . .

"Expanding access to health care services is another of Congresswoman Waters’ priorities. She spearheaded the development of the Minority AIDS Initiative in 1998 to address the alarming spread of HIV/AIDS among African Americans, Hispanics and other minorities. Under her continuing leadership, funding for the Minority AIDS Initiative has increased from the initial appropriation of $156 million in fiscal year 1999 to approximately $400 million per year today. She is also the author of legislation to expand health services for patients with diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease."

On the environment . . .

"Rep. Waters continues to be an active leader in a broad coalition of residential communities, environmental activists and elected officials that aggressively advocate for the mitigation of harmful impacts of the expansion plan for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Furthermore, she continues initiatives to preserve the unique environmental qualities of the Ballona wetlands and bluffs, treasures of her district."

Plans for Economy

"Congresswoman Waters has led congressional efforts to mitigate foreclosures and keep American families in their homes during the housing and economic crises, notably through her role as Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Housing and Community Opportunity in the previous two Congresses. She authored the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, which provides grants to states, local governments and nonprofits to fight foreclosures, home abandonment and blight and to restore neighborhoods. Through two infusions of funds, the Congresswoman was able to secure $6 billion for the program."

Education Policy

During the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1965, Representative Waters said, "The HEA took necessary steps to strengthen our colleges and universities, to invest in our students, and to realize the true value of a college education. Despite the progress we’ve made, we know that college is often unaffordable for too many prospective students in the United States. . . We must provide adequate regulation and oversight for predatory for-profit colleges that target veterans and minority students. That’s why I’ve introduced the CLASS Act and the Students Before Profits Act . . . [While we celebrate], we must keep in mind the vision behind this legislation – the belief that every American, black or white, rich or poor, deserves an equal opportunity to pursue a higher education."

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