Diane Mitsch Bush ~ U.S. House, District 3

Diane is a formed tenured professor, Routt County Commissioner, and Colorado State Representative. Her first experiences serving her community were as a social science policy researcher and citizen advocate for several non-profit groups. As a County Commissioner, she helped balance her county’s budget for six years and through the Great Recession. In her time in the Colorado State House of Representatives, she stood up to lobbyists in the oil and gas industry, sponsored legislation to protect our environment, and worked to authorize same-day registration so our democracy is accessible to everyone.

On healthcare . . .

Diane plans to end surprise billing, lower drug costs, and fight for Medicare. She will also allow Medicare to negotiate for drug prices, increase coverage for mental health treatments, and expand substance abuse prevention and treatment programs.

On the environment . . .

Diane will end fossil fuel subsidies, protect Colorado’s water, and keep public lands public. She will also work to expand environmental protections like the Methane rule and strengthen the incentives for renewable energies.

Plans for Economy

Diane is fighting to fund infrastructure and preserve family agriculture in Colorado. She also believes in ensuring a just transition to green jobs for people working in coal, oil and gas industries. She believes this can be achieved by a combination of tax incentives, community loans, and small business grants.

Education Policy

Diane believes a child’s educational opportunities should not be limited by their zip code. Diane will fight for students and teachers against predatory lenders, lower the burden of college student loan debt, and ensure public schools are well-funded.

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