Jillian Freeland ~ U.S. House, District 5

Jillian is an entrepreneur/small business owner with extensive service industry experience. She has spent her time as a board member, grassroots organizer, and activists for various local organizations and programs. Jillian has served on the El Paso County Boards of Adjustment and Community Corrections. She has also served as the President of the Cuchares Ranch HOA Board and Chair of the El Paso County Democrats County Commissioner.

On healthcare . . .

“When I’m elected as your representative, I’ll fight for more affordable, more equitable, and more effective healthcare in CD5.” Jillian will increase access to mental healthcare and addiction services, home healthcare, preventative healthcare, and rural healthcare services. She will also eliminate deductibles and copays, decrease costs of prescription drugs, and streamline disability services.

On the environment . . .

“Developing and installing renewable sources and energy storage systems will create reliable energy that doesn’t take us to war or keep us dependent on sources that will run out and pollute our air.” Jillian will expand energy efficiency education programs, invest in renewable energy infrastructure, create jobs in the renewable energy sector, expand federal rebate programs, and fight for net-zero initiatives.

Plans for Economy

“Our Founding Fathers said that all people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that requires a paycheck that actually meets a family’s needs. The Federal Minimum Wage does not match the actual cost of living, but corporations, shareholders, and CEO’s are pocketing huge profits and avoiding taxes. This makes average Americans pick up the bill to help families make ends meet. The minimum wage must be raised to meet the current cost of living and adjusted every year for inflation. Corporations must pay their taxes. “

Education Policy

“Everyone needs excellent public education from preschool through college or trade school, and getting an education should not hurt anyone’s financial well-being. High quality, debt-free education will create a stronger economy and reduce burdens on families and the government. Eliminating student debt will be a huge benefit to our economy since people will be able to get better jobs and invest the money currently going toward loan payments in a home, starting a family, or saving for retirement.”

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