Lisa Blunt Rochester ~ U.S. House, At Large District

Lisa is both the first woman and first person of color to represent Delaware in Congress. She began her career as a caseworker for former Congressman Tom Carper, where she helped people with their disability insurance claims, IRS disputes, housing needs, and Social Security benefits. She also served in the cabinets of two Delaware governors, as the Secretary of Labor, Deputy Secretary of Health and Social Services, and State Personnel Director. Lisa has also been the CEO of Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League, a public policy research think-tank focused on the inclusion of people of color. In her career, Lisa has aided women entering the workforce in the Middle East, provided vaccines to African children, and co-authored a book that profiled women who reinvented themselves in a foreign country.

On healthcare . . .

“A healthy Delaware is a stronger Delaware. We need to protect ObamaCare from radical Republican attacks and work to make it stronger and more effective for generations to come.” Lisa will fight to allow Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate with drug manufacturers and cut out waste in our medical system and expand access to these programs while curbing costs and ensuring quality. She is also pushing to fund community health clinics.

On the environment . . .

Lisa is a passionate advocate for addressing climate change and rising sea levels. She is fighting to strengthen Delaware’s infrastructure in order to prepare for the effects of climate change, as well as invest in a clean energy economy.

Plans for Economy

In Congress, Lisa is a champion on economic and future-of-work-related issues. In particular, she advocates for legislation that boosts start-up business growth.

Education Policy

“We can grow the economy by concentrating on a comprehensive education plan that improves k-12 education, ensures college is affordable, and helps those who do not go to college connect with workforce training and education that does not leave them behind.” Lisa will help families with student debt to refinance their loans at current rates, provide debt relief to thousands of graduates, fight for the New College Compact, work to make community colleges free, and increase vocational training options.

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