Dana Cottrell ~ U.S. House, District 11

Dana is an experienced and awarded educator. She taught in Hernando County for twelve years, and overseas for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools for thirteen years. In her time teaching, she was the chair of a school improvement team, a school advisory board representative, the gifted education coordinator, and the activity fund bookkeeper. She also organized a schoolwide National History Day. Dana has also served on the Hernando County School Board and National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. She is also an active member of her community. She has coached for several local sports teams, and volunteered her time with Everytown for Gun Safety and St. Theresa’s Catholic Church.

On healthcare . . .

“I believe health care, inclusive of medical, dental, vision, hearing, and pharmaceuticals, is a RIGHT of every citizen. Health care is also inclusive of a woman’s right to make medical decisions as it pertains to her body, as well as infertility covered as a medical condition, not as a choice medical procedure. I support Medicare for All. Medicare should be fully funded for those qualified, and access given for all Americans. Medicaid should be eliminated, and those in need of medical coverage would be covered under the provisions of Medicare for All.”

On the environment

Dana supports the Clean Air Act Amendments, which set the stage to protect the ozone layer, reduce acid rain and toxic pollutants, and improve air quality and visibility. She also supports replacing fossil fuels and nuclear power with clean energy such as solar and wind. Dana will accomplish this by eliminating current tax breaks and incentives to develop oil, coal, and natural gas on public lands. She opposes fracking and new liquid natural gas export facilities.

Plans for Economy

“No one group, individual or corporation, should be overly burdened in handling their fair share of taxation, and fair does not always amount to equal . . . As for the tax code passed in 2017, I agree that there should have been adjustments to corporate taxes, and an easing of the burden to all income brackets under $80,000 a year. Also, there should have been additional consideration to small business owners and entrepreneurs who might then grow into the higher corporate tax brackets. I did not agree with the tax decreases for the wealthiest citizens or the newest exemptions on transferring generational wealth.”

Education Policy

“We should allow children to be children; given time to run and play. Older children should have school choice along with apprenticeships, and on-the-job training, along with a meaningful mentorship program. And, if we truly want to begin to ease the income gap, college and advanced trade schools, while a student is in good academic standing, should be tuition-free.” Dana also opposes charter/ voucher schools, and the allowance of any weapons on school campuses.

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