Debbie Mucarsel-Powell ~ U.S. House, District 26

Debbie immigrated to the U.S. from Ecuador with her family as a young girl, in search of a better life. Debbie worked at the College of Health at Florida International University, where she fought to improve healthcare access for Floridians. She also worked for several nonprofits, including the Hope Center, Zoo Miami Foundation, and Coral Restoration Foundation. In 2019, Debbie became the first Ecuadorian-American and first South American immigrant member of Congress. After her father died in a senseless act of gun violence, she became a fierce advocate for gun safety as a member of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. Debbie is also a strong voice for immigration reform, human rights, public safety, and climate change.

On healthcare . . .

Debbie’s top priority in Congress is improving healthcare. She will work to improve the ACA and protect Medicare from Republicans efforts to raid it. Debbie has long worked to improve healthcare access in the community. At the Florida International University College of Medicine, she helped establish the NeighborhoodHELP program, which provided healthcare access to underserved communities in South Florida.

On the environment

Debbie has first hand worked to slow the impacts of climate change on our environment through her work at the Coral Restoration Foundation. She is committed to moving to a low fossil fuel economy, investing in clean energy, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, and investing in infrastructure to protect our communities from sea-level rise.

Plans for Economy

Debbie was to ensure other families have the same opportunities that helped her family get ahead as immigrants. She will boost the economy by bringing good-paying jobs to Florida, and make sure Floridians have access to job training programs. Debbie believes that by investing in our workforce, our nation will be prepared to compete in a global 21st century economy.

Education Policy

Debbie believes every child should have the same opportunity to reach their highest potential. She is fighting to fully fund our public education system and increase access to early childhood education. Debbie also wants to make college affordable by expanding financial aid programs, lowering interest rates for all federal student loans, and providing free community college.

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