Donna Deegan ~ U.S. House, District 4

Donna began her career as an award-winning journalist and evening news anchor for First Coast News. In this position, she always challenged both sides of issues and held those in power accountable. Donna is also a three-time cancer survivor. She was inspired to found the DONNA Foundation, which provides financial assistance to families facing breast cancer. She also created “26.2 with Donna: The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer.” This event raises millions of dollars to support research and help families struggling with the debt resulting from a cancer diagnosis.

On healthcare . . .

“Healthcare is the primary reason I got into this race. I believe healthcare is a human right. As a three-time breast cancer survivor, I firmly believe no one should have to choose between food and medicine, between their health and their children’s future, or between financial ruin and their own child.” Donna believes we should cover pre-existing conditions, cover all Americans, and prioritize our seniors over drug companies by allowing Medicare/Medicaid to negotiate drug prices.

On the environment

“Our whole quality of life and economy are at stake. Some of our neighborhoods already flood on sunny days and Mayport Naval Base will be breached if we don’t take resiliency seriously. So far our steps have been woefully inadequate. It’s time to invest wisely in green technology that will create good jobs and preserve the future for our children and grandchildren. The cost of inaction will be far greater.”

Plans for Economy

“We need to rollback tax giveaways (for large companies). But more than that, we need to end corporate welfare. Companies should rise or fall on their own merits — that’s real capitalism. It’s time for real fiscal sense in Washington. That means everyone pays their fair share: no more, no less.”

Education Policy

“I believe we have an opportunity to develop solutions to problems that existed before COVID-19. From inadequate funding and crumbling classrooms, to unrealistic expectations placed upon teachers and food insecure students, most of us have a long list of things we wish we could change about our education system.”

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