Kathy Castor ~ U.S. House, District 14

Prior to serving in Congress, Kathy served on the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners. In this position, she implemented the award-winning Hillsborough County Health plan and was a fierce advocate for equal opportunity and fiscally-responsible government. She also served as Assistant General Counsel to the Florida Department of Community Affairs, where she enforced responsible management laws. Kathy is also former President of the Florida Association of Women Lawyers, and was named Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Woman of the Year in Government. In Congress, Kathy is a champion of taking on special interests, making college more affordable, and looking after our seniors. She is the Chair of the House Committee on the Climate Crisis.

On healthcare . . .

Kathy is determined to increase access to healthcare. She fights to protect and strengthen Medicare.

On the environment

Kathy has fought hard to ensure every child has quality education and equal chances for success. She supports Pell Grants, student loans, Upward Bound, and Heard Start. She has fought against Republican cuts to students, schools, colleges, and universities.

Plans for Economy

Kathy has worked hard to invest in infrastructure and create jobs in the Tampa Bay area. She brought more than 75 employers together at the Tampa Bay Jobs fair to foster economic development and provide opportunities for job seekers. She also helped pass the JOBS Act.

Education Policy

Kathy is a fierce advocate for environmental protection, clean energy, and smart growth management policies. In Congress, she is leading efforts to complete gulf coast restoration in the aftermath of the BP oil spill. She also authored the Florida Coastal Protection Act, which makes the drilling ban off of Florida’s west coast permanent. Kathy is striving to create a clean energy economy and utilize solar energy to do so.

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