Kimberly Walker ~ U.S. House, District 12

While working as a gas station attendant, Kim decided to enter the military. In her eight years active with the U.S. army, she was stationed throughout the country and the world. Upon arriving home, Kim became a correctional officer for the State of Florida. After this, she joined the Florida Air National Guard and supported people recovering from natural disasters. During this time, Kim worked as a government contractor in Information Technology for Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE) at MacDill Air Force Base. She went on to be a software engineer in the U.S. Special Operations Command, and was promoted to the IT Manager of Application Development. Kim then spent time as an independent consultant in the private sector before returning to work at JCSE.

On healthcare . . .

Kim will ensure Americans have affordable and quality healthcare by providing a public option in states without Medicaid expansion, reduce the required age of Medicare to 60, increase tax credits for Americans buying insurance on the ACA exchange and include an option for Americans to keep their current private insurance plans. She will also lower the cost of prescription drugs by allowing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to negotiate prices, and require full disclosure of information from insurance plans about the average net prices paid for prescription drugs.

On the environment

Kim will address climate change by reinstating the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit, clean car standards, and the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards rule. She will put us on a path towards clean energy by creating grants to help American companies achieve solutions that positively impact our planet, and by restoring laws reversed by the Trump administration.

Plans for Economy

Kim will invest in rebuilding our highways with clean energy. This will include the use of solar panels, mapping sensors, and electric battery recharges.

Education Policy

"There is no greater investment than in our children.” As a Congresswoman, Kimberly would fight to achieve universal pre-K, increase federal funding for public colleges and universities, and provide tax credits to employers who help employees pay off education debt. She will also address underfunding and lack of resources for teachers by giving teachers a monthly stipend and reforming the Teacher Forgiveness Program. She will also eliminate student loan interest rates.

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