Pam Keith ~ U.S. House, District 18

Pam was born in Turkey while her father was posted there for the United States Foreign Service. During her childhood experiences abroad, she realized how special it was to be American. When she moved back to America, her experiences with racism inspired her to stand up for equality and justice. In 1992, Pam graduated from U.C Davis and went on to Boston College Law School to receive a Master’s degree. Following her program, she was sworn into the U.S. Navy as a Judge Advocate. Over the next few years, she had various legal positions in the Navy, then was recruited FP&L as legal counsel. Currently, she supports projects that help at-risk veterans and children.

On healthcare . . .

“The freedoms and rights afforded to us in the Constitution mean little if we do not enjoy good health.” Pam believes in supporting legislation that includes the ideals of a Medicare-For-All plan. She understands the struggle Americans face when they have to choose between paying rent and paying for life-saving medication.

On the environment

“Protecting our environment is not just a moral imperative, it’s basic self-preservation.” Pam believes in listening to scientists when it comes to making decisions about our environment. She will not support legislation on drilling, fracking or fossil fuel projects.

Plans for Economy

Pam understands that Florida is a destination spot for tourists and that the state’s economy relies on their business. She supports projects that will help clean Florida beach water so tourists can continue to enjoy the state and the economy will continue to prosper.

Education Policy

“In a world of rapid technological advances and global competition, America MUST rededicate itself to a public education system that is accessible to all and nurtures the vast talent and ingenuity of our youth.” In Congress, Pam will support legislation that aims to allocate equal distribution of resources to children in schools. She also supports an expansion of the PELL Grant program, so more children from lower income families have the opportunity to continue their education.

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