Val Demings ~ U.S. House, District 10

Val was the first woman to serve as Chief for the Orlando Police Department. During her tenure, Orlando experienced a 40% reduction in violent crime. Val was also Co-Chair of the Florida Gang Intervention Regional Task Force and a member of Florida Police Chief’s Legislative Team. She also founded “Operation Positive Direction,” a youth mentoring program that strengthens relationships between law enforcement and youth. Val is an involved member of her community, and is affiliated with the NAACP, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, and the Orlando Chapter of the Links. In Congress, Val serves on the Committees of Homeland Security, Intelligence, and House Judiciary. She also serves on the Gun Violence Prevention Task, Election Security Task Force, and Congressional Badge of Bravery Review Board.

On healthcare . . .

Val has introduced an/or supported legislation that creates mental health services for law enforcement officers, supports Medicare, and supports programs to help Americans sign up for healthcare. Of the H.RR. 1628 bill, Val remarked, “We know 24 million people will lose coverage, premiums will go up, and people with pre-existing conditions will face astronomical out-of-pocket costs. Trumpcare will use its “savings” to give tax breaks to the richest in America.”

On the environment

“By walking away from the Paris Climate Agreement, we are sending a strong message of indifference to our allies around the world. Surrounded by coastlines, Florida knows the impact climate change and rising sea levels have on our homes, businesses and tourism.” Val is a strong supporter of critical environmental protections, and has spoken out against oil drilling off the coast of Florida and California.”

Plans for Economy

“Funding the federal government is the first responsibility of Congress. The omnibus spending bill is not perfect, but it keeps vital services running for the American people, and provides increased funding for medical research, critical education programs, workforce development training, infrastructure development, environmental programs and science-based research.”

Education Policy

Congresswomen Demmings "believes that everyone deserves equal access to quality education regardless of the color of their skin or the zip-code they live in. In Congress, she [has worked] to ensure that all of our young people graduate from high school college-bound or workforce-ready".

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