Dana Barrett ~ U.S. House, District 11

Dana has been a talk radio host for the last 5 years. She is a single working mom. She doesn’t accept that women are paid less than men, mass shootings continue to go unchecked, and we spend trillions of dollars for a gridlocked government. She doesn’t believe the government should have agency over her body or tell her who she can marry. She is running because she believes we have to get in the system to change in the system.

On healthcare . . .

“As a breast cancer survivor, who has despaired over huge medical bills, I don’t accept that getting sick should make you poor, while insurance companies get rich. Or that we should let our neighbors die because they can’t afford their medicine. That has to change.”

On the environment . . .

Dana is fighting for “a safe and sustainable future.”

Plans for Economy

Dana is fighting for “equal economic opportunity” and “improving “personal economic health.”

Education Policy

As of the writing of this profile, Dana Barrett hadn't publicly posted her policy ideas regarding education. Once this becomes available, the staff will update this section.

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