Liz Johnson ~ U.S. House, District 12

Liz began her career in the insurance industry, where she helped families make important decisions regarding their future. She has been an active leader in the Democratic Party of Georgia for over 20 years. In 2014, she was elected the Democratic Nominee for Commissioner of Insurance, becoming one of few black women to win a major party nomination for statewide executive office. Liz is a strong leader in her community and has served on a library board, a community advisory council, Habitat for Humanity, a school zoning task force, and numerous parent/teacher organizations. She served as grand marshal of the Bulloch County MLK Jr. parade and received the Bulloch County NAACP President’s Award.

On healthcare . . .

Liz is fighting for access to affordable, quality healthcare.

On the environment . . .

As of the writing of this profile, Liz Johnson hadn't publicly posted her policy ideas for addressing climate change. Once this becomes available, the staff will update this section.

Plans for Economy

“I am running for families like my own – hard-working men and women who want to support their families with living wages. Georgia’s 12th District workers deserve living wages. Americans deserve living wages – wages that cover the rising costs of comfortable housing, home ownership, meeting monthly bills and saving for comfortable retirement. Living wages sets everyone, on the pathway to achieving and enjoying the American Dream.”

Education Policy

Liz supports decreasing the costs of education opportunities for working families. “I know what it’s like to worry whether public education would be enough for my children and grandchildren, because we couldn’t always afford expensive extracurricular activities for them.”

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