Noelle Famera ~ U.S. House, District 2

“I want to change the game and bring new ideas to the State of Hawaii and the federal level by running for US Congress District 2. I've always been concerned about the environment and clean energy solutions. I would like to see a Sustainable Future Act passed, while also incentives to electric vehicle owners, residential and commercial solar. I'm here to also fight for data rights and a free open internet. My goal is to restore trust in the government here for the people of Hawaii and to unite us all.”

On healthcare . . .

Noelle supports equal rights for women in healthcare, which means supporting a woman’s right to govern her own body as she sees fit in accordance with Roe vs Wade. Noelle also supports providing students with comprehensive, medically accurate, and age-appropriate sex education. Finally, she supports FDA-approved emergency contraceptives.

On the environment . . .

Noelle supports the Green New Deal, expanding environmental regulation, protecting endangered species, stopping deforestation and fracking, protecting clean water, improving waste management policies.

Plans for Economy

Noelle supports implementing a universal basic income ($1000/mo for all adult citizens + $500/mo for each child) to be “paid for by taxing the tech companies that are the biggest winners of the new economy.” She also supports treating data as a property right and creating a Department of Technology to “put the power back in the people’s hands…”

Education Policy

Noelle supports implementing universal childcare, implementing virtual classes, shortening class days or the school week, eliminating student loan debt, paid family leave, and raising teachers’ wages.

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