Paulette Jordan ~ U.S. Senate

After earning her bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington, Paulette returned to Idaho and worked as a business development strategist.
In 2014, Paulette ran for Congress and successfully unseated a Republican incumbent, going on to serve two terms as representative for Idaho’s District 5A. She stepped down in 2018 to run for governor, becoming the first woman to be nominated by a major party in Idaho in addition to the first Native American to be nominated for Governor in U.S. history.
As she runs for U.S. Senate, Paulette is campaigning on a platform that promises “people-first” policy making and disparages the complacent, in-cahoots-with-Washington policies that define Idaho’s current aging Republican representation.

On healthcare . . .

Paulette wants to unleash a bold new plan for tackling healthcare issues in the US, namely by dragging data to the front and center of the conversation. Data will force the hand of policymakers everywhere to answer to the real questions Idahoans are asking every day: Can I afford to go to a doctor for this problem? Can I afford the treatment when my problem is diagnosed?
Capitalizing on data will enable the implementation of a new, patient-centered healthcare system that prioritizes the health of Americans and treatment effectiveness over the profits of pharmaceutical companies.

On the environment . . .

"Current Senator Risch likes to dismiss climate change as a 'secret science' utterly fails to recognize the economic potential in implementing environmental protection policies that capitalize on the rapidly changing landscape of modern technology. Paulette has a track record of working to protect public lands and is committed to respecting the deep connection to the land that defines so many Idahoans."

Plans for the economy

Paulette recognizes that the stark expression “hanging by a thread” can also represent a window of opportunity when approached from an innovative angle. That’s why even though she’s concerned for the future of agriculture in Idaho, she also fervently believes in the state’s potential to be an ag-tech leader on a national level. Of first and foremost importance is to obtain the funding and coordination for these bold programs that will allow Idahoan farmers to stand on their own two feet and lead the way in agricultural innovation. These ideas don’t rely on having governmental subsidies but do rely on having a Senator with the backbone to speak out against the trade wars that decimate Idaho farming profits.

Education Policy

"We can improve the source of funding to our public schools through smarter spending. By eliminating avoidable costs to our state such as expensive and unnecessary legal conflicts, costly contracts to house Idaho prisoners in other states, and tax loopholes for big corporations, we will have more money to direct to our state's students. My first priority is to invest in an opt-in statewide universal preschool program, where these additional education dollars will have the highest return."

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