Women Running in Illinois

As a Blue state, Illinois is reflective of the Democratic electorate. It features whopping black and Hispanic populations, as well as many city goers, and thus is influential in deciding the direction of the Democratic party. Further, Democratic victories in rural Southern Illinois would signify weakness in Trump’s re-election campaign.

Significance of State

Robin Kelly ~ U.S. House, District 2

Robin has been serving Illinois’s 2nd district since 2013. She faces Republican challenger Theresa Raborn. This district is considered a solid/safe Democratic district.

Marie Newman ~ U.S. House, District 3

Marie Newman beat incumbent Daniel Lipinski in the March Democratic primary. Now, she faces Republican opponent Mike Fricilone in this solid/safe Democratic district.

Jan Schakowsky ~ U.S. House, District 9

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky has been representing Illinois’s 9th district since 1999. She faces Republican opponent Sargis Sangari in this solid/safe Democratic district.

Betsy Londrigan ~ U.S. House, District 13

Betsy is challenging Republican incumbent Rodney Davis, hoping to flip IL-13 blue. This race is considered a toss-up/ battleground election. Betsy ran for this seat in 2018 and lost by less than a point.

Lauren Underwood ~ U.S. House, District 14

Lauren flipped IL-14 Blue in 2018, when she beat Republican incumbent Randy Hultgren. In this election, she faces Republican challenger Jim Oberweis. This race is considered a toss-up/battleground election.

Erika Weaver ~ U.S. House, District 15

Erika faces Republican opponent Mary Miller for the open seat in IL-15. This is considered a solid/safe Republican district.

Dani Brzozowski ~ U.S. House, District 16

Dani faces Republican incumbent Adam Kinzinger, hoping to flip this seat Blue. IL-16 is considered a solid/ safe Republican district.

Cheri Bustos ~ U.S. House, District 17

Cheri has been representing Illinois’s 17th district since 2013. She faces Republican challenger Esther Joy King in a likely Democratic district.

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