Betsy Londrigan ~ U.S. House, District 13

Betysy has worked as a corps member with Teach for America and is a non-profit leader in her community. Following her son's experience with illness, Betsy worked to raise awareness of the importance of children’s hospitals as well as raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network and St. John’s Hospital. Betsy pledges to always be on the side of working families, and to never play political games with the futures of her neighbors in central Illinois.

On healthcare . . .

“Over 30% of the jobs in the 13th District are in the health care and education services sector. If we expand Medicare and offer a Public Option, this will not only provide growth to that job market but help to bring down rates to those who only have one provider in their area. Reducing these access costs is extremely important, as well as allowing Medicare to negotiate for drug prices, bringing these costs down as well. The ACA doesn't work for everyone and providing a public option would be a big step in the direction of providing affordable, accessible, quality care to the young, our elderly, chronically ill, and generally healthy.”

On the environment . . .

Betsy believes clean air and water are basic human rights, and that we are all responsible for preventing the acceleration of climate change. Reducing greenhouse gases and finding solutions to combat climate change will be a top priority for Betsy. She supports alternative energies to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and will work to strike a balance between protecting our environment, and meeting Illinoisans' energy needs.

Plans for the Economy

"I am committed to working with allies and across the aisle to get an infrastructure package completed and passed as soon as possible. These are jobs that cannot be outsourced and many are good-paying union jobs and for every dollar that's spent investing in our infrastructure needs, it pays off into the local economies quickly after.”

Education Policy

“I believe that one of the main ways that we invest in the future of our country is by having an educated public. Whether it's K-12, community colleges, apprenticeship programs, 4 year universities, etc, we need to keep up with the global economy through educating our kids and retraining adults whose jobs are getting phased out due to automation or the unfortunate result of companies moving jobs overseas.”

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