Dani Brzozowski ~ U.S. House, District 16

Dani is a first generation college student. She is dedicated to helping people, and has given her whole life to service. She has worked as a volunteer, in education and literacy, and now works as an activist and an organizer. She believes in American democracy, and that it’s failed a lot of people in districts like IL-16. She is fighting to give those people a voice and show them that America can work for them, and that she can help.

On healthcare . . .

Dani believes no family should be bankrupt because of a healthcare crisis. She advocates for divorcing healthcare from employers or employment status, in order for small businesses to thrive without the burden of providing healthcare, employers to be required to improve working conditions as an incentive to keep workers who might have only stayed for the healthcare benefits, and unions negotiating contracts having an invaluable bargaining chip back in their pocket.

On the environment . . .

“We must build a sustainable future that provides jobs, infrastructure, and security and we need to do it now. As your Representative, I will work toward establishing factories for green industries, creating jobs that look toward the future, and expanding our bustling ecotourism industry around places like Starved Rock State Park.”

Plans for the Economy

“Workers of the IL-16 deserve good, high paying jobs and a vibrant, dynamic economy. We must apply pressure to our government to invest in small businesses and job training programs that prepare people for a modern economy. We must diversify the jobs market and commit to the kinds of sustainable development that will result in long-term economic health and opportunity, not just short-term solutions to urgent problems.”

Education Policy

“I’m for eliminating public spending on charter schools, which privatize education and harm teachers, students, and communities. We need to focus our national attention on incentivizing teachers, empowering teachers’ unions, and creating an environment that levels the playing field for students from all backgrounds so that all children may spend their time in the classroom learning.”

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