Marie Newman ~ U.S. House, District 3

Coming from humble roots, Marie worked her way up to becoming a partner in one of the largest ad agencies in the U.S., and later left to start heer own successful consulting business. When one of her children was severely bullied in school, she founded a national non-profit program called “Team Up to Stop Bullying” which worked with state/federal legislators to make anti-bullying policies a priority. Marie wrote a book designed to provide solutions for parents and schools, and has also served as an advocate for health care rights, income equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and common-sense gun safety.

On healthcare . . .

Marie believes healthcare is a right, not a privilege. She supports Medicare for All, reducing drug prices with negotiated pricing, bringing mental health services to all healthcare facilities, reproductive care for all, prioritizing funding for cancer therapy/ research, and addressing the opioid crisis.

On the environment . . .

Marie will support the Green New Deal, rejoin the Paris Climate Accord in establishing environmental standards, encourage and create programs to develop renewable energy projects and jobs, and rebuild the EPA to enable the protection of our air and water for future generations.

Plans for the Economy

"I’m running for Congress because we finally need to address “everybody’s everyday” to drive innovation and invest in our people, infrastructure, mass transportation, jobs, training, and growing an ever greener economy. We need a real vision with a real plan. As part of that plan, we need to solve the “patchwork of jobs” issue prevalent here, where folks try to make ends meet with a series of jobs instead of just one, but are still having a tough time. Together, I believe we can make the southwest part of the city and suburbs more attractive to workers, working families, the middle class, and small businesses.”

Education Policy

“Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.” Marie will fight for expanding community college degrees and funding and tuition debt relief with incentives/credits for taking on underfilled critical jobs. She will convene schools, governments, and employers to discuss a new curriculum that introduces the importance of unions, specifically through trades jobs and apprenticeship programs.

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