Pat Hackett ~ U.S. House, District 2

Pat Hackett

Pat has spent four decades serving the people of Northern Indiana as teacher, attorney, and civic leader. Passionate about this community, she has dedicated herself to its growth and development both professionally and personally. Pat is an active civic leader, having served on several boards, including the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County, YWCA of St. Joseph County, and as a past President of Alzheimer’s Services of Northern Indiana and the Michiana Estate Planning Council. Her depth of understanding and experience regarding ethics and justice is grounded in her work in the fields of theology, government, and law.

On healthcare . . .

Health care is a right, not a privilege. The right to health care is rooted in our dignity as persons and responsibility for one another. Pat suppors universal health care coverage and believe we must move toward a Medicare-for-All System. She believes that it's time to assure health care coverage for all regardless of age, pre-existing conditions or economic status.

On the environment . . .

Pat believes that we must promote policies that invest in good jobs, clean energy and modern infrastructure to meet the demands of the clean energy economy. We must preserve and implement necessary environmental protections, and engage in bipartisan talks about climate solutions. She wants to re-imagine electric utilities, energy use, and environmental stewardship for the 21st century.

Plans for Economy

"While policies in Washington favor big agribusiness corporations, family farms are struggling to survive. Indiana ranks in the bottom ten in the country with [1]15.2% of Hoosier households struggling with food insecurity. Farmers are facing unprecedented challenges because of climate change." Pat understands that we need to see fundamental change in America’s agricultural and rural economic development policies. As your representative, she will help revitalize rural communities."

Education Policy

"More than 44 million Americans owe more than $1.5 trillion in student loan debt." Pat wants to promote programs to help people get out from underneath this crippling debt so they can buy houses, start families, and help spur the economy. Similarly, Pat supports funding of the vocational arts, secondary education, and robust support of the skilled trades and the genius of their long history of educational training.

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