Thomasina Marsili ~ U.S. House, District 8

Thomasina Marsili

Thomasina is a lifelong Hoosier and strong advocate. From a young age she understood the responsibility of leadership as she managed multi-million dollar corporations. Thomasine is an educator, life coach, EMT, small business owner, motivational speaker, and now she is running for office to give a voice to members of her community and bring to light the inequities existing there. Thomasina said, “it is the burden of my generation to fix the broken system we have been handed.”

On healthcare . . .

Thomasine will fight for guaranteed coverage for all people. She also wants to ensure that all Hoosiers have affordable prescriptions so they don’t have to choose between buying medicine and buying food. Finally, she hopes to increase the amount of health care providers, especially helping in rural communities where there is a lack of providers.

On the environment . . .

Plans for Economy

Thomasine is fighting for increasing workers’ rights and creating higher wages by making the federal minimum wage a living wage. She also wants to restore the amount of unions in Indiana.

Education Policy

Thomasina is fighting for universal pre-k because “every child deserves the same foundation and support!” She also hopes to increase funding for public schools because many are lacking in funding and support. Thomasina wants to implement education reimbursement for teaching by addressing the teaching shortage through education.

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