Cindy Axne ~ U.S. House, District 3

Cindy worked in strategic planning and leadership development for the Tribune Company in Chicago. Afterwards, she moved to Wisconsin with her husband and started a small business, and eventually moved back to her hometown in Iowa. Upon learning that full-day kindergarten was not available to every child in West Des Moines public schools, Cindy advocated and negotiated with principals, the school board, and superintendent until full-day kindergarten was made fully available. Prior to serving in Congress, Cindy worked for the State of Iowa, where she has helped over twenty different state agencies deliver government services more effectively and efficiently for taxpayers.

On healthcare . . .

In Congress, Cindy serves on the Healthcare Task Force and has increased access to qualify, affordable healthcare by voting for legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs, maintaining protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions, and supporting bills that would increase access to mental healthcare, treatment for diabetes, treatment to combat the obesity epidemic, and dental care and child healthcare.

On the environment . . .

Cindy worked on the Governor’s Agenda for Energy Efficiency and a Clean Environment, which helped bring the wind industry to scale and made Iowa the number two state in the nation in wind energy production. She’s working to bring clean energy jobs to Iowa, including solar, wind, smart grid technology, and battery storage. She is also promoting investment in more efficient cars, appliances, buildings, and industrial plants to cut energy use in half.

Plans for the economy

Cindy’s top priority is putting Iowa families in good-paying jobs. She will accomplish this by raising wages, protecting our unions, addressing unfair trade deals, promoting equal pay, passing tax relief, creating grant programs to support entrepreneurs and small businesses, and promoting Main Street over Wall Street.

Education Policy

Cindy wants to prepare the next generation for good-paying jobs, which requires providing young people with affordable access to community college, apprenticeships, trade schools, and four-year colleges. She is working to expand Pell Grants and cap the interest rates on student loans so that Wall Street banks aren't profiting by burdening young people with debt that will take them decades to repay.

Her Opponent

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