Rita Hart ~ U.S. House, District 2

Rita taught junior high and high school English for more than two decades. After that, she led programs that facilitated career pathway opportunities for students with local businesses and served as an active volunteer. She has been involved in the Clinton County Justice Coordinating Commission, Clinton County Planning and Zoning Commission, and founded the Clinton County Economic Development Coordinating Council. Rita was elected to the Iowa Senate in 2012, where she worked with both parties to deliver results for hard working Iowa families, small businesses and farms, while being a champion for fully funding K-12 schools and expanding job training for Iowa workers. In 2018, she was the Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor.

On healthcare . . .

Rita has spoken against the privatization of Healthcare, arguing it has caused patients to be turned away. She believes that Iowa needs to broaden its coverage so people, particularly women, don’t fall through the cracks.

On the environment . . .

In the Iowa Senate, Rita brought stakeholders together to protect Iowa’s clean water, and co-sponsored legislation to cultivate a wind energy economy in Iowa. She will continue to fight for sustainable agriculture policies that will help farmers partake in addressing climate change.

Plans for the economy

Rita understands that no matter where you live -- a city, a small town, or out in the country -- every Iowan should have the opportunity and security that comes with a good job with good benefits. Rita founded the Clinton County Economic Development Coordinating Council and created a framework for small-town mayors to work together to spur economic growth.

Education Policy

In the Iowa Senate, Rita has been a champion for education. She has put together a platform for re-envisioning education and seeing schools differently, starting with the calendar.

Her Opponent

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