Kali Barnett ~ U.S. House, District 1

On healthcare . . .

"The crisis of COVID-19 has made it all the more evident that healthcare should not be tied to employment. We need to build on the foundations of the Affordable Care Act while we work to create and implement a robust and comprehensive public option. Dental, mental, and eye care are not luxuries for those who can afford it, but are crucial to maintaining our overall personal health and wellbeing."

On the Environment . . .

Kali supports the use of more alternative energy sources, as well as environmentally conscious efforts.

Kali was an elementary school teacher for 12 years, and is a fierce advocate for students and her fellow educators. In her career, she has fought to make music education a priority. As the daughter of third generation farmers, Kali has seen firsthand the struggles of trying to keep a farm afloat in southwest Kansas. Kali wants to show support for our farmers, who are the backbone of our community.

Plans for Economy

“In America, it shouldn’t be so hard to make an honest living, care for a family and get health care when you need it. I’m running to fight for working Kansans, who have been left behind for too long.”

Education Policy

“As a teacher for 12 years, I know how hard it is for Kansas teachers just to get by. I’ll always be a fierce advocate for all students and my fellow educators. In Congress, I will fight to put our kids’ education and futures first.” Part of Kali’s platform is to make higher education more affordable.

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