Candy Christophe ~ U.S. House, District 5

Sandra “Candy” Shoemaker-Christophe is from a blue-collar neighborhood of Clinton, Louisiana. With degrees in psychology, sociology, and social work, she became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Addiction Counselor working with multiple state departments in Louisiana. Candy later founded Re-Entry Solutions, a non-profit organization focused on the success of individuals as they reintegrate into their communities by providing empowerment services such as employment assistance, housing, and community resource connections. Candy is running to represent the citizens of her district, and she has the passion and insight to “put people first.”

On healthcare . . .

“Candy has been a professional health care worker 25 years. Candy will work beyond exhaustion to ensure that the shortage of basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health care workers during our COVID-19 pandemic never happens again!” “Candy has experience working in hospitals, small clinics, Rehabilitation Centers, corrections, community based, school based and private practice. She understands the value of and strongly supports the expansion of Medicaid. Not only does it produce jobs, but it prolongs life and the quality of life. Candy often quotes her mother and grandmother by saying, “everybody is somebody’s somebody.” Candy has the unique ability to see the value and worth in everyone, protecting and ensuring health care and its workers are an extension of the effort to value all.”

On the environment . . .

Plans for the economy

“As an educated woman, Candy will fight for equal pay for women!” “Candy strongly believes in the survival and success of our famers, both large and especially small. Candy also understands how the tariffs have negatively affected our farmers and how if the crops don’t move the bills still continue. Candy will work hard to get Louisiana growing again and to get Louisiana farm products moving again!”

Education Policy

“Candy will fight to ensure that the future of former educators is secure and enhanced by legislative actions that will evidence love, protection and nurture of them that they once gave to us. Increased pay and Benefits are the key to getting this and next generations committed to being certified educators!”

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