Sara Gideon ~ Senate

Sara is currently the speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, where she has dedicated her time to improving lives of families in Maine. She has been serving in the Maine House of Representatives since 2012, and was priorly a member of her local town council. Her accomplishments in the Main House include passing a law that ensures insurance companies cannot discriminate against Mainers with pre-existing conditions and helps control the cost of prescription drugs. She also passed legislation to provide property tax refunds to homeowners, as well as to expand educational opportunities. Her other priorities include standing up for a woman’s right to choose, and addressing the opioid epidemic.

On healthcare . . .

In the Senate, Sara will fight to expand access to quality and affordable health care, allow anyone to choose to buy into Medicare through a public option while preserving the choice to keep private insurance, and crack down on drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

On the environment . . .

Sara is committed to joining the Paris Agreement, investing in a clean energy economy, set goals to move to a clean and renewable energy system, set goals for carbon emissions reduction, modernize our energy grid infrastructure, and ensure nominees to fill key environmental positions in the administration will protect our environment and fight climate change.

Plans for Economy

Sara will prioritize the needs of small businesses, expand job training programs, invest in infrastructure development and technological advancements like broadband, raise the federal minimum wage, ensure fair trade policies that help maintain Maine’s traditional industries, and roll back the Trump tax bill.

Education Policy

Sara will ensure every family has equal access to high quality K-12 education, expand early childhood education and quality childcare, value teachers in the form of higher wager and better benefits, expand access to trade, technical, and job training programs, lower the cost of college, and tackle the student loan debt crisis.

Her Opponent

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