Mia Mason ~ U.S. House, District 1

Mia Mason

“Mia Mason is a 20-year military veteran who has served in the Navy, Army, and DC National Guard. Mia served with moral courage, honor, and commitment to protecting her fellow soldiers from danger. Mia completed her military career by serving in the DC National Guard.

“After leaving the military, Mia started working with Advocacy Groups and has worked to advance the Civil Rights of all. She has opposed President Trump's discriminatory policies, including being a speaker at the 2018 Women’s March in Washington, DC. Mia has chosen to take the next steps in her journey by helping others door to door. Her driving force is to do good, provide proper representation, and restore equity with equality. She has always served others and looks to help the people of Maryland next.”

On healthcare . . .

Mia believes that there should be no exclusions for preexisting conditions. She supports Medicare for All and the CARE Act, a comprehensive plan to end the opioid crisis. “Along with addiction treatment, the CARE Act would ensure access to mental health services and help provide critical wraparound services like housing support and medical transportation for those who need them.”

On the environment . . .

Mia isn’t accepting money from the fossil fuel industry or their PACs. In Congress, Mia will push to restore Obama-era environmental protection policies. These include reinstating the methane pollution rule that limits the amount of toxic gases allowed in our air, resetting the vehicle emissions timetable, and restoring tax credits for electric and alternative fuel vehicles. A personal priority of Mia’s will be protecting and preserving the Chesapeake Bay.
Once these changes are in place, Mia will pursue legislation that tackles the challenges posed by necessary vehicle use, infrastructure development, and electrical grid development.

Plans for Economy

“Mia's goal is to bring new jobs and opportunities to the Eastern Shore. She believes in sustaining employers already here and employ [sic] more people. Provide good wages and inventive new lands for small businesses to own, not lease.” She will provide incentives for manufacturers to come to the eastern shore, improve commerce routes, and support unions.

Education Policy

“Mia Mason is committed to improving the quality of education at all levels and believes we should do all we can to insure every American has the opportunity to succeed in the global marketplace. Mia believes in the Kirwan Commission's fair access to affordable student loans so that every child can achieve the dream of a college education.”

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