Ayanna Pressley ~ U.S. House, District 7

 Ayanna Pressley

Ayanna learned about the importance of civil engagement from her mother, who was a tenants’ rights organizer. Her personal interest in activism led her to attend college at Boston University and work as an aide to Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III and Senator John Kerry. In 2009, Ayanna became the first woman of color to serve on the Boston City Council. In this position, she strove to combat inequalities and disparities facing members of her community. In 2018, Ayanna was the first woman of color from Massachusetts to be elected in Congress. During her time in Congress, she has advocated for fair compensation for low-wage workers, supported survivors of sexual assault and has worked to reimagine our criminal legal system. In 2016, Ayanna was named one of the New York Times 14 Young Democrats to Watch.

On healthcare . . .

“Fundamental change is needed to shrink the huge disparities that have become so embedded in our healthcare system.” Ayanna is a strong supporter of Medicare for All. She believes health care should be readily available and truly affordable to those who need it.

On the environment . . .

“Climate change threatens to undermine our national security, create millions of refugees, endanger public health, and further exacerbate economic inequality.” Ayanna supports implementing the Green New Deal in order to transform our political and economic systems to prioritize preserving our planet.

Plans for Economy

"More than perhaps ever before, our country is defined by economic inequality on a massive scale.” Ayanna is focused on building a more equitable economy by raising the minimum wage, strengthening worker protections and driving down costs associated with child care and health care that can put a strain on working families. She also believes in prioritizing transportation innovation that focuses on mass transit, walking and biking.

Education Policy

“Equitable access to high-quality education is vital to addressing inequities in our communities and closing persistent opportunity gaps.” Ayanna plans to continue to fight for a comprehensive approach to ensure that all students have the health care and financial support to achieve their educational goals.

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