Jesse Mermell ~ U.S. House, District 4

Jesse Mermell

Jesse’s grandmother, a WWII nurse, showed her the importance of giving back and caring about others. Jesse’s volunteering and activism began at Boston University where she ran town meetings and co-chaired a local progressive activist organization. She became the youngest person elected to the Brookline Senate Board. As a board member, Jesse worked to combat climate change in her community. She then became the communications director for Governor Deval Patrick. Jesse has also served as the Executive Director of FairTest, a non-profit dedicated to ending the flaws of standardized testing. She was also the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus and the Vice President for External Affairs at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. All of these roles gave Jesse the expertise she needs to instill her grandmother’s values as a member of Congress.

On healthcare . . .

"No one should ever have to choose between seeing a doctor and paying next month’s rent.” Jesse believes in investing our funding in preventative approaches to health care and building a health care system better prepared for future pandemics. Jesse also supports passing Medicare For All, reducing prescription drug prices and treating mental health as critical care.

On the environment . . .

"Fighting for our planet isn’t just a buzz phrase for Jesse or a campaign position she now holds. She has been in the fight to protect our planet for years and has the wins to prove it." "When Jesse is in Congress, the people of the Fourth District won’t just have a champion for the environment – they will have a leader who proposes and co-sponsors legislation and uses her platform to advocate for the urgent action we need to save our planet."

Plans for Economy

“Congress must make economic insecurity a priority – and fight for the working single parent who doesn’t know how she’ll pay next month’s daycare bill, the union worker staring at retirement and a shrinking pension fund, and the daily commuter late to work or to pick up the kids again while in traffic or stuck on the T platform.” Jesse supports investing in transportation, housing and infrastructure. She also is a strong advocate for a National Paid Family and Medical Leave Act.

Education Policy

“Public Education is vital to our democracy and key to addressing our country’s social, economic and racial inequities.” Jesse believes in investing in a quality, public school education for all students. She wants to ensure every student can succeed by supporting our educators.

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