Lori Trahan ~ U.S. House, District 3

Lori Trahan

Lori grew up in a middle class home in Massachusetts. As a young woman, she worked multiple jobs delivering paper and waitressing at a local diner. She was the first of her family to graduate college and she earned a scholarship to play Division 1 volleyball at Georgetown. After college, she worked her way up to Chief of Staff in Congressman Marty Meehan’s office. Following that job, she was an executive at a technology company and then co-founded a consulting firm. In Congress, Lori has focused on fighting for working families by supporting affordable healthcare, quality public education, workforce development, the environment and ending the opioid crisis. Lori is the first Portuguese-American woman to be elected to Congress and is a member of the New Dems and Congressional Progressive Caucus.

On healthcare . . .

“Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.” In Congress, Lori will continue to defend and expand the Affordable Care Act. She will also continue to advocate for access to reproductive health care. Lori also believes in bringing down out-of-pocket costs and deductibles and reducing the costs of prescription drugs.

On the environment . . .

“Saving our planet is a priority.” Lori believes in pushing to expand access to cost-saving renewable energy for low-income households. She also believes clean air and clean water are fundamental human rights. Lori will continue to work towards aligning the United States with international environment consensus and imposing strict regulations on greenhouse gases.

Plans for Economy

"We need to restore basic fairness to our economy and get it working for everyone, not just those at the top.” Lori believes in restoring basic equity to our tax code. She will continue to work towards promoting smart infrastructure improvements and creating jobs. Lori will also continue to advocate for an economy that works for everyone.

Education Policy

“Higher-education and student loans shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving your dreams.” Lori believes that high quality, public education is the key to unlocking our nation’s true potential. She also believes every K-12 child deserves a quality public education, regardless of their background. Lori is also an advocate for a strong early childhood education system.

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