Kimberly Bizon ~ U.S. House, District 10

Kimberly Bizon

Kimberly is a bold progressive and a veteran environmental activist. She has spearheaded local environmental projects, promoted renewable energy in Africa, trained under Vice President Al Gore at the Climate Reality Project. and named a Climate Reality Leader. She currently serves as the Web and Interactive Director at Sussman Agency- largest media buyer in Michigan. Kimberly is committed to supporting public schools, investing in jobs and infrastructure, and common-sense subsidies that put family farms ahead of corporate agribusiness.

On healthcare . . .

Kimberly will fight to improve the ACA by covering more people and lowering costs. She will fight against attempts to bring back pre-existing conditions or cut Medicare/Medicaid coverage.

On the environment . . .

Kimberly believes with responsible oversight and commonsense protections, our Great Lakes can continue to be a sustainable resource for future generations, and one of the economic drivers that keeps them there.

Plans for the economy

“Technological advances and falling costs of installation have combined to provide a unique opportunity for Michigan to make smart investments in the energy systems of the future and bring promising careers to Michigan at the same time. We need a representative in Washington that understands this opportunity and will work to make it a reality.”

Education Policy

“We need to empower great teachers to use the methods that work best in their own classrooms and we need to hold public and charter schools equally accountable for their performance.” Kimberly also advocates for policies increasing access to universities and technical training, and oversight to punish predatory scams that take advantage of students.

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