Rashida Tlaib ~ U.S. House, District 13

Rashida Tlaib

A well-known progressive, Rashida became the first Muslim woman ever to serve in the Michigan Legislature. In this position, she led several public health campaigns, including We Have a Right to Breathe. Prior to her public service, Rashida was an attorney at the Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice, where she fought against injustice and inequality. Rashida’s platform includes environmental justice, equity, fighting corporate greed, economic justice, and the Building our Opportunities to Survive and Thrive Act (BOOST), which provides relief for low income households by introducing a new tax credit.

On healthcare . . .

“I’ll fight for Medicare-for-All that guarantees health care as a right, not a privilege. No person should have to skip doctors appointments or prescription refills because they can’t afford it, and I’ll get to work in Washington protecting the Affordable Care Act from the Republicans but also working to cover the gaps it still leaves, until everyone is covered.

On the environment . . .

Rashida believes in environmental justice for communities that particularly feel the burden of climate change and pollution. “Protecting our air and water goes hand in hand with protecting our health, especially from the corporate polluters who place profit over people”

Plans for the economy

Rashida champions issues like securing a $15 minimum wage, standing up for unions, preventing cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, promoting home ownership, ending corporate welfare, and equal pay for equal work

Education Policy

“Our public schools need more resources, not more standardized testing and attacks on teachers. I'll work hard to increase funding for public schools and to ensure charter schools are regulated and held accountable. Charter schools cannot be allowed to take money away from public schools while failing our kids”

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