Angie Craig ~ U.S. House, District 2

After working two jobs and taking out a student loan to put herself through college, Angie began her career as a newspaper reporter. She worked her way up in the business world to lead a workforce of 16,000 people for a large Minnesota manufacturer, where she served as the head of Global HR. Angie also invests in small businesses. In Congress, Angie has fought for Minnesota’s farmers, affordable healthcare, and quality education. She also introduced the HUMBLE Act, which would ban Congresspeople from serving as lobbyists or owning individual stocks.

On healthcare . . .

“My top priority in Congress has been to increase access to and reduce the cost of healthcare for all Americans.” As co-chair of the New Democrat Coalition Healthcare Task Force, Angie has fought to reduce the price of prescription drugs, establish a public option health plan to compete with insurance companies, and hold big drug companies accountable for jacking up prices.

On the environment . . .

“Instead of pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement or repealing the Clean Power Plan, we should continue to lead the world by spearheading the development of the global green economy. We can lower our carbon emissions, build an energy infrastructure that relies less on fossil fuels and attract and advance the industries of the future — and become a world leader in green innovation at the same time.”

Plans for Economy

Angie fights for better trade deals, such as the United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, which promises an unprecedented standard or labor protections. She also supports small businesses owners in her role on the Small Business committee. Angie is also fighting to expand access to broadband in rural areas, protect the rights of union members, close tax loopholes that move jobs overseas, and increase access to capital and technical resources for entrepreneurs.

Education Policy

Angie prioritizes funding for public schools, students, and teachers, as well as making college more affordable by instituting a pre-K through 13 public education system that would provide for the first two years of post-secondary education. Angie also introduced the 21st Century Workforce Partnerships Act, which creates hands-on training to prepare students for high-skill technical jobs.

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