Tina Smith ~ U.S. Senate

Tina entered the Minnesotan workforce with a job at General Mills. Not long after, Tina started her own business and became an active volunteer in her community. She became a leader at Planned Parenthood, Chief of Staff for the Mayor of MInneapolis, and then Chief of Staff for Governor Dayton. Governor Dayton asked Tina to run with him as Lt. Governor; their run was successful and she served as Minnesota’s Lt. Governor for three years. In this position, Tina worked to raise minimum wage, expand family medical leave, and pass marriage equality in Minnesota. In the Senate, Tina serves on the Agriculture Committee, where she worked hard to pass the Farm Bill, which supports farmers and ranchers across the state with broadband and conservation programs.

On healthcare . . .

Tina believes healthcare is a basic human right. In Congress, Tina has taken on big drug companies to help make prescriptions more affordable. She also introduced the Affordable Medications Act, which would allow Medicare to negotiate prices and let prescription drugs be safely imported from other countries. Tina will also address the opioid crisis and include mental health in discussions about health care.

On the environment . . .

Tina believes the U.S. should be a leader in the fight against climate change. She has been endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund and the National Resources Defense Council. Tina introduced the Clean Energy Standard Act, which sets standards and goals to achieve net-zero emissions from the electricity sector by the middle of this century. She also supports legislative efforts to support renewable energy and encourage conservation practices for farmers.

Plans for Economy

Tina believes a diverse economy will allow businesses to grow and workers to be paid better. She is fighting to increase investments in manufacturing and technology, help small businesses grow, and expand our agriculture economy. She is also fighting for equal pay for women and minorities.

Education Policy

Tina believes education should be accessible to everyone. She wants to invest in career and technical training, as well as partnerships between education and local businesses. She has also co-sponsored legislation to help Americans refinance their student debt. Tina has also fought for funding to increase access to free online textbooks.

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