Antonia Eliason

Antonia Eliason ~ U.S. House, District 1

Antonia Eliason is a law professor and activist running for Congress. On her campaign website, she writes "I believe in environmental justice, which at its core requires racial justice and economic justice. I would like there to be a future for this planet – for my son, and for all the children of Mississippi, of America, and of the world. People in Mississippi are suffering because of policies that have long privileged corporations and the very wealthy at the expense of the majority of Mississippians. This is not a theoretical problem, nor is this simply a chance for me to make a statement: much harm has been done, and alternative solutions to fixing those harms are needed."

On healthcare . . .

Antonia sees "universal healthcare as a basic human right". "Medicare for All would mean that everyone could receive necessary medical care. It does not preclude the possibility of supplemental private insurance for non-essential care."

On the environment . . .

"Climate change is already impacting our agricultural sector, and it is imperative that we come up with solutions that empower farmers as well as factory workers. As large-scale corporate agribusiness has taken over much of America’s agricultural sector, there has been a shift to monoculture." "With variable temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns resulting from climate change, crop diversification will be key to protecting our farmers."

Plans for Economy

Antonia believes that "there must be an end to corporate greed, and a shift from corporations serving shareholders whose only demand is greater profitability to corporations respecting their employees who do the productive labor."

Education Policy

Antonia is also running to raise "awareness about what democratic socialism actually means. To many in Mississippi and beyond, it brings up notions of oppressive totalitarianism. That couldn’t be further from the truth." "Democratic socialism requires that there be a political democracy. . . . It centers ideas of collaboration, community a grassroots movements to enhance democratic control of economic institutions and to improve workers’ rights."

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