Women Running in Missouri

Significance of State

Missouri is considered a “bellwether state” usually going with the national voting trends.

Cori Bush ~ U.S. House, District 1

Cori Bush is running for Congress to represent Missouri’s 1st district. She won the Primary against incumbent Democrat William Lacy Clay who was initially elected in 2000. In November, she faces Republican Anthony Rogers. Per recent polling, she should maintain this district.

Gena Ross ~ U.S. House, District 6

Gena is running to represent Missouri's 6th Congressional District. She faces Republican Incumbent Sam Graves and Libertarian Jim Higgins. In the primary, Republican turnout dwarfed Democratic turnout by more than five (5) fold, but she's organized and ready for a fierce fight.

Jill Schupp ~ U.S. House, District 2

Jill Schupp is running for election to represent Missouri's 2nd Congressional District. She's in a position to beat incumbent Republican Ann Wagner.

Kathy Ellis ~ U.S. House, District 8

Kathy is running to represent Missouri's 8th Congressional District. On the November ballot, she again faces Republican Incumbent Jason Smith. They ran against each other in 2018.

Lindsey Simmons ~ U.S. House, District 4

Lindsey Simmons is running to represent Missouri’s 4th district. She is running against Republican incumbent Vicky Hartzler, who was first elected in 2010.

Nicole Galloway ~ Governor

Nicole Galloway has been serving as the Missouri State Auditor since 2013, and she announced her running in the Missouri gubernatorial election in August of 2019. She faces Mike Parson, incumbent Republic Governor. Although the Parson is favored, Galloway is campaigning throughout the state to make this a competitive race.

Teresa Montsen ~ U.S. House, District 7

Teresa Montseny is running to represent Missouri's 7th District. She faces sitting incumbent Republican Billy Long who has held this seat since 2011.

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