Gena Ross ~ U.S. House, District 6

Gena Ross

Dr. Gena Ross is a Minneapolis native and Assistant Professor at a community college in Kansas. While she is not working, Gena volunteers on two Diversity and Equity Inclusion Committees and a Student Grievance Committee. She has implemented before and after school programs for students, provided community outreach through the “Just for me Free Clothing Closet,” and participates in other community service. In 2015 Gena worked as a Constituent Service Representative with former US Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill. Gena is extremely passionate about advocating for others and giving a voice to those who are voiceless, and she is honored to be running to represent Missouri’s sixth district.

On healthcare . . .

“It's a sad deal when people with cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure or other ailing conditions cannot afford to go to the doctor or afford their prescribed medication. They shouldn't have to choose over their mortgage, rent, groceries or any other bill that is a necessity for one to live a quality life, for some that's living from paycheck to paycheck. In my opinion, everyone that wants healthcare should be able to obtain it from zero to a maximum cap of an affordable price that will not leave a family poor and destitute or without the proper health care that they need.
Those that want to keep the insurance plans that they already have can do so without any penalty. No one needs to suffer.”

On the environment . . .

"Clean air for all, Resources for farmers and rural areas. #Sustainable #Equitable #ThrivingCommunities”

Plans for Economy

At the time of writing this profile, Gena hadn't published her position regarding economic policy.

Education Policy

“A proper education is so vital starting as early as pre-school. Everyone deserves the opportunity to receive quality education, with qualified teachers. Schools should be safe, with good air quality, computers and books should be up to date and in good condition. Adult learners shouldn't go into debt with student loans trying to improve a better way of living for themselves or their family. Student loan interest shouldn't be so high and there should be some real forgiveness on those loans.”

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