Lindsey Simmons ~ U.S. House, District 4

Lindsey Simmons

Lindsey is a native Missourian where she attended Missouri Valley College before attending Harvard Law School. She completed over 1,000 hours of pro-bono legal service before graduating, and to date she has represented domestic violence survivors, conservation groups, veterans, and victims of natural disasters in securing benefits. Committed to public service, Lindsey served as an appellate clerk on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis. She is a devoted wife and mother to her husband Chris and son Jace.

On healthcare . . .

“We’re fighting for affordable, accessible healthcare, dental care, vision care, physical therapy care, behavioral care, mental healthcare, and end of life care for every single person, regardless of their ability to pay.” She is fighting “For rural hospital access. For increased support to military families. For quality, comprehensive physical and mental healthcare for veterans. For a living wage. For investments in rural infrastructure. For affordable rural broadband. For 18 weeks paid maternity leave. For low-cost, high-quality child care. For lowering prescription drug prices.”

On the environment . . .

At the time of writing this profile, Lindsey hadn't published her position regarding environmental policy.

Plans for Economy

"We need big investments in our rural communities. We need high-paying jobs. Investments in infrastructure, utilities, education, agriculture, the environment and healthcare will attract those businesses and jobs to our communities.” “We will fight against any policy that cuts Social Security benefits, Medicare benefits or military benefits to pay for tax cuts to the wealthy.”

Education Policy

Lindsey is fighting “For safe, fully funded public schools” and “For helping students pursue their passion whether it be in the military, college, trade school, technical school, as an apprentice or starting a small business.”

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