Nicole Galloway ~ Governor

Nicole Galloway

Nicole Galloway is currently the Missouri State Auditor, appointed to office in 2015 after the resignation of John Watson. Her current term as State Auditor will expire in 2023 after winning a full term election in 2018. Auditor Galloway is running in the Missouri gubernatorial election, and if elected, she will be the first female Governor of Missouri. She is currently the only female officeholder and the only Democratic elected official in the state of Missouri. Auditor Galloway previously served as Treasurer of Boone County, Missouri where she developed an effective and transparent debt issuance policy and worked to expand same-sex spousal benefits for member of the Missouri County Employee’s Retirement Fund, among other achievements. As the Missouri State Auditor, Nicole Galloway stated that one of her top priorities is enhancing cybersecurity to protect private data of Missouri residents.

On healthcare . . .

“As Auditor, I have uncovered waste and my audits have led to the indictment of health care executives for taking advantage of Missourians. As Governor, I will make health care a priority, I will enact Medicaid expansion to give over 200,000 hard-working Missourians the health care they deserve, return 100,000 eligible kids their insurance and keep our rural hospitals open. As someone who has always fought for transparency, I will bring that transparency to our health care system.”

On the environment . . .

At the time of writing this profile, Nicole hadn't published her position regarding environmental policy.

Plans for Economy

“As Governor, stopping wasteful spending and corruption will help Missouri’s economy and make it more attractive to businesses.” Nicole aims to “Create and expand workforce development opportunities that create pathways out of poverty and teach the skills necessary for family-supporting careers, like the apprenticeship programs in the unionized building and construction sector.” Additionally she wants to “Give workers a greater voice on the job. The freedom to collective bargain and ensure that public works projects pay the prevailing wage. Create safer working conditions, and protect workers from wage theft.” Nicole also strives to revitalize the rural community by restoring healthcare, restoring local control, and expanding broadband internet.

Education Policy

“As Governor, I will put more money in classrooms and pay teachers what they deserve, work to expand pre-kindergarten to help give kids the head start they need and parents the peace of mind that their children are safe.” A goal of Nicole’s: “Create transparent funding for education that prioritizes students, teachers, and outcomes rather than the re-election of career politicians. Missouri’s education system needs to be approached in a holistic manner that looks at outcomes from early childhood all the way through a worker's career.”

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