Teresa Montsen ~ U.S. House, District 7

Teresa Montsen

"Teresa Montsen is from a blue-collar family with deep roots in Southwest Missouri." "Attending 12 schools in 11 years, Teresa graduated from McCluer High School, Florissant, MO." "Wherever life took her, SW Missouri is the place she calls home." "Her love of learning and deep desire to make the country a better place, for all, led her to become an educator [and] mentor." She sees that "the people of Southwest Missouri deserve an honest, accessible Congressional Representative."

On healthcare . . .

"Teresa supports Planned Parenthood; its services for pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted disease prevention and treatment, and family planning. While falling in the personal category of feeling abortion would not be for her, she does not tell other women what to do with their bodies. Stopping 100% of abortions is a topic that is high on Rep Billy Long’s priorities."

On the environment . . .

"Climate change is real and will affect everyone on the planet. It is not the time to pull away from diplomatic solutions or science. Weather will affect our agriculture and in turn the quality and quantity of our food. Scientists tell us to focus on decreasing our pollution. As a Congressperson, Teresa will stay focused on this issue as our lives depend upon it."

Plans for Economy

"Economic equity that provides a living wage, protects labor unions and employee/employer negotiations. Services and care that meet the standard required for the respect earned by veterans and active duty military personnel."

Education Policy

On her campaign website, Teresa writes, "Missouri’s 7th District public school education across the state tests below 50% proficiency in math and reading. Our Governor has not prioritized anything but tax cuts, leaving education underfunded. Quality teachers deserve quality compensation. We must end racism in our schools. Students of color have been mistreated with undue discipline and exclusion. The school to prison pipeline is real and must be imploded. The cost of knowledge in the higher education level has outpaced career salaries. Many young people have suffered economically from high debt. Loan forgiveness and or restructure that allows them to be active citizens is required."

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